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Convertible Circulars From Signature Needle Arts

Signature Needle Arts has changed my life as a knitter. I have a stack of knitting needles in my craft room that go untouched, and I now tailor my projects and yarn purchases around which Signature needles I own. Recently, the company made a decision to phase out their previously-reviewed fixed circular needles, and is replacing them with convertible needles.

These convertible needles are different than interchangable needles. The ferule, or portion that screws onto the needle stalk, fits only a single needle size. So, for instance, you can have a set US size 4 needle stalks (3.5mm), and can have cables in varying sizes that fit a US 4 needle. If you’re using a US 5 needle you will need the cables for the size 5s, and so on. It’s best to think of these as fixed circulars, but with multiple cable length options, so that now you can have a 20” circular, and a 40” circular, without having to purchase two different needles. Ultimately, there’s a significant money savings for the buyer this way.

As for the performance of these convertible needles, they knit like a dream. The production quality of the needles hasn’t changed, Signature is still using anodized aircraft grade aluminum, and they’re still the best tipped needles around. The cable is same as well, thin and very flexible, with little to no memory. I did not experience any difference in the way yarn glides over the ferrule on my convertibles than on my fixed needles, and the swivel is flawless.

Needle stalks are available in sizes US3/.325mm through US 10/6.0mm, and cables are available in 24” through 47” in standard cable lengths. Custom lengths can also be ordered over the phone. Needle stalks are $22 and the cables are $20 each. There is no limit to the number of cables you can choose with each needle size.

There was a point when I considered Signatures a splurge, but as I said before, they’ve changed my entire view of knitting. The customer service I’ve received from Signature has been exemplary, and their product is second to none, and well worth the investment!

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