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Published on September 3rd, 2013 | by Kira


Pompidoo Palermo: Bringing Fashion To Camera Bags

As a female fashion photographer I often run into the issue of how do I transport my camera. My fall back is a light backpack camera back, which is very functional, but looks ridiculous with anything that isn’t casual. For most shoots this is fine, but if I have a new client or I need to look the part more, my backpack can throw off my look.

With fashion week on our heels, I need a camera bag that matches my new designer dresses and the Palermo Camera Bag from Pompidoo is a great fit, and you can’t go wrong with something that is named after one of my favorite cities in Italy. The Palermo comes in three different colors, lilac, tan, and red. They all have a floral lining that compliments their corresponding color. I went with the lilac, since purple is my favorite color, and it is a very attractive bag that looks expensive, but does not scream camera, which is perfect for fashion week.

The Palermo is made from strong leather, has little metal feet, and seems to have solid seams and zippers, which I tested when I packed it for my shoot this past Saturday. I did find myself wishing I had a little more space for my gear and the normal few items I take everywhere, but was excited for the sleeve for the iPad. I filled her with a body and attached an 85mm, a 50mm, a few batteries, chargers, cards, and a trigger for my strobes. I also needed my daily items like wallet, keys, glasses, a little food, and iPad. I love the front pocket, it is perfect for keys and a wallet, all the stuff you want to get to quickly and easily. I found the back zipper a little pointless, since even a few cards could be outlined through the leather when the bag was full. The middle section has padded sides and four padded movable walls. The space is fairly large with a small zipper pocket for cards and batteries. There really isn’t an ideal place for sunglasses or regular ones in the bag; so, mine ended up on top of my camera gear. I would also consider moving the removable walls to make a space just for those things.

This is a beautiful and fairly well thought-out bag, but the biggest problem with it is that it is heavy. Thankfully it has a shoulder strap, but I found the buckle cut into me. It was much easier to carry with a strap over the shoulder and an arm using the smaller handles to balance the weight, but this doesn’t look the sexiest. Even with this I found that the bag’s weight bruised my hips (I am a fairly small woman). I feel like the weight of the bag (even empty, it feels hefty) and making sure there was a comfortable strap should have been a higher priority.

That being said, I plan on stripping down what I take with me during fashion week so that I can rock out this luxury bag, which will make all the other fashionistas jealous. I am also looking forward to using this as an over night bag or a classy purse when the need arises. For a high end bag that doubles as a camera bag, one should not be too surprised by the $400 price tag.

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