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Published on July 28th, 2012 | by Greg


VEHO Duopod And 360 M4 Speaker: Photography, Music From Any Angle

We love it when things are more than meets the eye. Like Transformers, only a little more realistic and functional. Hidden features and easter eggs are great, but it’s even better when a piece of gear simply turns out to offer more than expected. We were happily surprised by today’s pair, both of which are technically accessories, though for very different purposes. We’re also happy to be one of the first outlets in the United States to go hands-on with them!

We’ve checked out gear from VEHO before, including a predecessor to one of today’s gadgets. We’ll start with the 360 M4 Bluetooth Speaker, which is one of the better small Bluetooth speakers that we’ve seen. In terms of sound to size ratio, the M4 packs a serious punch. There are plenty of other competitors, but most of them are either small and underpowered, barely offering more than the built-in speakers on an iPad, or large enough to cramp your style when trying to travel light. This one balances both carefully, small enough to fit into a large pocket even and certainly easy to slide into a purse or any bag, but offers dual 2.2 watt speakers.

Simply connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and you can even control the volume or tracks from the speaker itself. Placed in the middle of a table, it really is omnidirectional, though this means that it doesn’t offer much stereo separation. Bass isn’t great, especially at higher volumes, but mids were impressively clear and sharp, and treble was smooth without sounding jagged or raw. A basic 3.5mm headphone jack input is great for those who want to save some battery life or use an iPod without Bluetooth, and while we’re talking about battery life, we managed to get a full day’s worth- they estimate it at around five hours, which seems just a bit of an understatement. We didn’t really use the microSD slot, but it could come in handy for those who have one to spare. Recharging is done via the included USB cable, with no power adapter included (this is quite normal, if a bit frustrating). All in all, a great upgrade, and one of the best small and ultra-portable speakers that we’ve seen- only the lack of a built-in speakerphone had us slightly sad. Available now for just under $100.

Earlier this Spring, we checked out VEHO’s fantastic Muvi camera, one of the best “action” cameras that we’ve seen. With so many mounts and options available, and great quality, we definitely recommend it. As a nice addition, they’ve even created a new item that can be used with most any small camera, and is one of the best updates to the fairly static ‘tripod’ since the Gorillapod. The VEHO Duopod offers both a fairly normal, surprisingly stable and handy tripod, but easily converts to a really lightweight monopod. Actually, traditional monopods are still often meant to stay upright, whereas this one work really well as a way to extend your reach and offer you some interesting overhead angles. We found that footage was pretty shaky- an option or method for including some sort of steadicam would be amazing- but it was great for such a lightweight and small device.

In fact, we’re surprised that no one has come up with something like this before- after using it a few times, it seemed almost necessary for shooting in a city, where a bit of extra height is always handy. Weighing only 160 grams, and feeling pretty durable (only the tripod mount was a bit shaky), it’s a great buy at $35! Non-slip feet and plenty of options make the Dupod one of our favorite pieces of new gear.

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