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Published on August 24th, 2012 | by Kira


myCharge: Keeping Me On

In this day and age we all live by our smart gad­gets. We read on them, write on them, look stuff up with them, find wher­ev­er we are go­ing via them, and even re­ly on them for crit­i­cal com­mu­ni­ca­tions (like our Twit­ter up­dates and cat memes). Un­for­tu­nate­ly, their bat­tery life is of­ten not as good as we might hope- In­sta­gram­ming your life does drain your bat­tery quick­ly. I have got­ten to the point where I not on­ly car­ry my phone ev­ery­where, but I al­so bring a charg­er, which is pret­ty an­noy­ing and risks me los­ing it or leav­ing it plugged in­to the wall at a ran­dom cof­fee shop. Un­til the man­u­fac­tur­ers start im­prov­ing their bat­tery life (or wire­less pow­er be­comes com­mon), we need to have an­oth­er so­lu­tion!

One great so­lu­tion that we had of­fered to us re­cent­ly was my­Charge’s recharge­able bat­tery packs. Tru­lyNet got the plea­sure to try out four dif­fer­ent packs. The idea be­hind the packs is that you will have a small bat­tery source (pock­et sized) you can eas­i­ly take with you, that can charge your gad­gets wher­ev­er you are.

De­pend­ing on your needs and bud­get the dif­fer­ent packs come with dif­fer­ent lev­els of pow­er stor­age ca­pa­bil­i­ties and con­nec­tors. The my­Charge Peak 6000 (RFAM-0166) is able to ful­ly charge the av­er­age smart­phone four times off of it be­fore pack’s bat­tery de­pletes. The Peak 6000 al­so comes with a built in Ap­ple, mi­cro-USB con­nec­tor, and an on-board USB port, which makes most de­vices com­pat­i­ble with it. Since the Peak 6000 car­ries so much bat­tery life, you are able to use all the ports at once, mean­ing you can charge up three de­vices at the same time, which can be very handy if you are go­ing on a trip for an ex­tra day and do not wish to bring all your sep­a­rate charg­ers. This pack will run you $100.

The oth­er packs are very sim­i­lar, they just have less pow­er and some have less ports. The Sum­mit 3000 (RFAM-0165) is very sim­i­lar to the Peak 6000 with how its ports are set up and ap­pear­ance, but it’s bat­tery charge is on­ly half of the Peak 6000. For this rea­son, it is a lit­tle cheap­er, go­ing for $80. The So­journ 1000 (RFAM-0194) has a new look, is the least pow­er­ful of all the bat­ter­ies, giv­ing your phone on­ly an ad­di­tion­al four hours, and on­ly works with ap­ple prod­ucts. For this rea­son, it is the cheap­est of all the bat­ter­ies at $40. Fi­nal­ly, there is the Trek 2000 (RFAM-0164), which falls be­tween the Sum­mit 3000 and the So­journ 1000, this one tran­si­tions nice­ly be­cause it gives you 9 ex­tra hours of talk time and has an Ap­ple and a mi­cro-USB con­nec­tor ports. As the mid­dle unit, it has an ex­pect­ed mid­dle price of $60.

While this pack re­sem­bles the So­journ 1000, this is al­so the on­ly pack that has a flip out dock for the Ap­ple charg­er. This flip out dock does not feel as stur­dy as I would like, but it does take your i-what­ev­er off the ground. The Peak 6000 and Sum­mit 3000 both come with voice ac­ti­va­tion when­ev­er you plug in a de­vice, in four dif­fer­ent lan­guages. It will tell you which de­vice has just been plugged in so you know it is charg­ing, which is pret­ty neat (though it will just say “Ap­ple de­vice” and not iden­ti­fy the spe­cif­ic mod­el or any­thing).

All the packs seem to be sol­id and re­li­able. They charge up with­in a few hours if us­ing an elec­tri­cal out­let, but need about four times as long if they are charg­ing off your com­put­er via USB. Un­less you re­al­ly on­ly have a need for a quick jolt of pow­er on your way home most days, I feel the Peak 6000 is the best deal of all the packs. You get much more pow­er out of it then the oth­ers, and it is on­ly slight­ly more ex­pen­sive. It can charge pret­ty much any­thing on it, and charge up to three things at once, which means you on­ly need to take it with you on any trip you go on in­stead of 20 dif­fer­ent charges for ev­ery­thing you own. I like that I can take it with me on trips where I will not have ac­cess to elec­tric­i­ty and I will still have hours of time to charge off of it. I plan on bring it with me on my next camp­ing trip- though do note that it isn’t re­al­ly wa­ter­proof (nor are the oth­ers).

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