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Published on August 27th, 2012 | by Kira


HMDX: Sound So Sweet You Can Taste It!

We take our mu­sic se­ri­ous­ly, al­ways look­ing for the lat­est and great­est songs and bands, check­ing out shows around the bor­oughs, and test­ing out a va­ri­ety of gear. In fact, we’ve got tunes play­ing just about all of the time, whether it’s on the go or in the of­fice. And we’ve al­ways got sev­er­al gi­ga­bytes of mu­sic with us at all times.

The HMDX Jam Blue­tooth Speak­er is jam’n on many lev­els. For starters, it has the cutest pack­ag­ing I have ev­er seen! It comes in a case that looks like a jam jar, and in­stead of col­ors you get to pick your fa­vorite fla­vor: ap­ple (green), apri­cot (or­ange), black­ber­ry (grey), blue­ber­ry (blue), grape (pur­ple), and straw­ber­ry (red). I re­al­ly like the cas­ing and col­ors, all of them look very sleek and shiny. Fi­nal­ly, to com­plete the con­cept, the speak­er is light­ly scent­ed in its fla­vor of choice.

The speak­er is pret­ty small and eas­i­ly portable (2.5″x2.5″x2.5″), which is per­fect for adding mu­sic to on-lo­ca­tion pho­to shoots. You prob­a­bly won’t want to put it in your pock­et, but it will eas­i­ly fit in­to a small bag. And the unit has a nice stur­dy feel to it, which means it is not very light (9.6 oz), but finds a good bal­ance be­tween ide­al weight and stur­di­ness.

This speak­er has a sur­pris­ing­ly loud punch to it for its size and price. It isn’t as crisp when it is com­plete­ly turned up, un­like high­er end speak­ers, like the Au­dyssey Wire­less Speak­ers we en­joyed. How­ev­er, if you keep it in the mid­dle of a table, it sounds pret­ty good and will fill a small room. If you do not like loud nois­es, you may dis­like the chime the speak­er makes when it turns on. It can be a lit­tle much, and you can not turn it down or off. Fi­nal­ly, the Blue­tooth works great up to 30 feet away, which is more that enough for what most peo­ple are like­ly to use it for. Bat­tery life is on­ly OK at four hours, but since the speak­er charges off a mi­cro-USB, you can use one of thebat­tery packs from my­Charge to keep your mu­sic go­ing for quite a bit longer.

Over­all, the HMDX Jam Blue­tooth Speak­er is very sleek, with very cute mar­ket­ing, and works quite well for the price: a very rea­son­able $40.

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