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Published on December 3rd, 2015 | by Celina


Capture Holiday Memories With What? Watch

The memories we make in a calendar year are precious. From watching the seasons change to decorating for the upcoming holidays, there are so many small moments worth remembering. We may document our lives on Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat but they aren’t always available (or optimal) for those smaller moments worth remembering. So what if there was a way to stop time at the very moment in which something beautiful happens? That’s the very idea behind What? Watch, a clever watch design company out of Switzerland.

Behind the mechanical watch arms, an e-paper display (similar to kindle ink) includes the 12 months of the year around the outer edge. Under each month are five slots that can be filled with a gray dot, allowing you to accumulate “moments” in a tangible and visible way. With a simple tap of the red side button on a What Watch, the clock will stop and record the moment. That moment will be transmitted to your Android or iOS device through a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, timestamped and synced with the What?Now app. Within the app, you can add photos and text to provide a visual representation of your memories, similar to a photo album or scrapbook with round snapshots that mimic a watch face. Individual memories can then be placed into collections called stories; these photos play as a timelapse video with the timestamp of each moment in the corner. You can share these moments and stories with others through a text message or social media, making it easy to have friends and family share your big moments.

We tried out the Classic, a beautiful addition to a watch-lovers collection. It houses Swiss mechanical movements in a 42mm body that is protected with hardened mineral glass. The body features polished stainless steel and an Italian leather strap to keep it secure on your wrist. Choose a black or white face to suit your style. Additional color leather straps are available from the company for as little as $39. The style and finishing of this watch are certainly eye-catching and perfect for a watch lover of any age. The ladies of the office are looking forward to a smaller design to accommodate smaller wrists but everyone appreciated the $299 price, which beats a lot of competition in the Swiss watch market.

The other watches in the collection seemed equally as interesting but we only viewed them online. The Modern is just that: modern and minimalistic. It offers a seamless thermoplastic strap, available in black or white, lending it a more sporty look. It’s basically the gym lovers version of the Classic at a lower price point, just $169. The Pocket watch is a modern take on a classic pocketwatch. While at first it seemed bulky and unnecessary, it soon won us over with it’s hipster vibe and classic design. The Radar draws design cues from radar technology and is a bit more rugged looking than the Classic, Modern or Pocket varieties. We didn’t love that the circular memory dots were missing (they are replaced with bars in this version), but it does lend a more masculine touch to the watch face. At $249, it is another wonderful gift idea for the holidays.

Surprisingly, only two small coin batteries are needed to power these watches. The first one is for the mechanical portions of the watch and will last up to 5 years, while the second powers the e-paper display and will last up to 1 year. This thankfully means that this will not be another smartwatch that you’ll have to charge constantly. As for water resistance, the Classic, Radar and Pocket are tested for up to 1 ATM (about 10 meters) of water exposure. The company maintains that these watches can be worn in the shower (without the leather band of course). Because of slight differences in the design of the Modern model, it is is only splash-resistant.

Before the holidays kick off this year, start a new tradition as you capture new memories with a What? Watch strapped to your wrist.

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