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Britax B-Agile 3 Stroller: Fly Through The City

Searching for a stroller can be a daunting task, primarily because of the large selection available. Every brand has several models, and even the same model can differ greatly depending on the year of its production. Strollers are one of the most important purchases you’ll make with a young family, and though there might not be a single perfect option, you can safely narrow down your choices in few ways.

The newest Britax B-Agile 3 stroller (2016 edition) finds itself in the comfortable medium weight and mid-price category, built well but maneuverable enough for urban environments. New York City is rough on strollers- there are plenty of uneven sidewalks, puddles, and concrete stairs to contend with, along with all of the traffic (both pedestrian and vehicular) that mean you might need a stroller with solid wheels and plenty of agility. This stroller impressed us with it’s maneuverability but had some downsides that meant it might be less than ideal for certain families.

Easy and lightweight

The biggest positive of the Britax B-Agile is its light weight. With a frame made of aluminum, three plastic tires and no unnecessary extras, it weighs only 17.5 lbs. and is the lightest stroller in the medium size category (only buggies are lighter). If the subway elevator is once again under construction, closed, or simply not available (as is so often the case here) it is easy to lift the stroller and carry it up or down a few steps. It’s a cinch with two parents (each can grab a side) or even on your own, depending on your strength and the weight of the child inside.

To easily throw the stroller into a car, it has a very quick one-hand-fold mechanism. Pushing a safety button, you first have to unlock the folding mechanism so there is no danger that it folds by accident while occupied. Unfolding works in a similar manner and is quite straight-forward. Folded up, the B-Agile 3 can be carried single-handedly and easily stored in a closet or car trunk.  The back wheels can also be removed (using just one hand) so you can minimize the size to fit through narrow doorways or shove the stroller into a tight storage space.

Our initial unpacking and assembly of the stroller was pleasantly simple because the accompanying instructions were sufficiently helpful- the only fiddly thing was the Velcro for the shade cover and zipper bag. The shade cover is a real advantage compared to many other models; when fully extended it shields the majority of the child. On our test toddler, only the end of the stroller was un-shaded. The plastic window provides good visibility of the child and you can open or close it with a slight adjustment of Velcro.

Comfortable cruising

All in all, our test toddler was very happy with the Britax B-Agile 3 when cruising through the city. The stabilizing rear wheels (9.5 inches) and single steering front wheel (6.3 inches) guarantees decent suspension for a comfortable ride. Seat and leg rests are well padded and even though the leg rest is not adjustable, the tot sleeps well and enjoys the good view when awake. With a 5-point harness (which is not easy to open or close for either the kid or parents) the baby is safe but still has enough freedom of movement. At first, we were worried that the relative lack of adjustable upright or flat inclination might be an issue, as it only supports from 24.1° to 62.1°, but again, our toddler looked relaxed while seating and naps quite soundly. One downside of the inclination is that you’ll need two hands to change it.

The Britax B-Agile comes with no extras (such as a child tray, parent console, cup holder, rain cover, car seat adapter for other brands, foot muff), but the standard delivery is totally sufficient and also keeps the stroller lightweight and compact. The only accessory you might want to add to the stroller is the stroller organizer, which allows for the handle-bar storage of a cell phone and coffee!

Fixed handle bar

The only major downside to this model is the non-adjustable handle bar. It has a fixed height of 40” an accomodates the average person but if you are on the shorter side, it might feel a bit awkward. It would also be nice to bend the handle bar down to have a better grip and leverage if you want to lift the stroller up onto a high sidewalk. A bent handle bar would also improve one handed steering, which we found a bit of a challenge, and it’s pretty common in the city where you need to carry a cup of coffee at most all times. On the plus side: since there are no joints, nothing can wobble, power is transferred straight from your hands straight to the wheels, nothing needs maintenance and it makes the stroller really light!

Great value

All in all, the Britax B-Agile 3 stroller has everything you need at a competitive price. You can carry a newborn with the additional adapter and car seat and continue using the stroller with growing children up to 55 pounds. There are eight different colors available now, online and in stores, starting at around $270.

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