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Published on November 6th, 2017 | by anatol


Pump Up Your Life With The Silca Pista

There are some products that are far more than gadgets. A few purchases you make that are heirlooms, meant to last a lifetime- or even perhaps be passed on to the next generation. Your latest phone or tablet will be lucky to last through the end of the decade; your computer won’t make it much past a few years after that. But if you purchase the SILCA bicycle pump, it’s an investment. And we’ve had extra time this year to enjoy biking- it’s still easily warm enough for rides even in a light jacket.
SILCA was founded 1917 in Italy and still produces some of their precision-machined parts over there. And they don’t joke around- offering a warranty of 25 years, and since every part is replaceable it will probably even last longer! While the SuperPista (Ultimate) pump moves in the highest spheres, we’ve been checking out it’s smaller sibling, the SILCA Pista floor pump, the more accessible alternative. The word “stripped down” would still not fit well, because this pump is still far beyond your average the level of common pumps, built for professionals and passionate cyclists.
Thanks to the display accurate to within 3%, with a gauge that is fully protected in a reinforced aluminum housing, the tire pressure and thus the system can actually be felt as with no other pump that we’ve tried. It is rated up to 220psi, and features self-lubricating internals for a smoother operation and better efficiency. Their special three-mm thick leather piston washers and seals gives the Pista unrivaled resistance to heat and dirt and makes the pump so durable and dependable. On top of that, the Pista pump comes with an elegant design with a wooden handle that is a near reincarnation of the original 1962 Bakelite handle.
With gauge and stand in a straight line and the two hose grooves in the handle, the pump can lay flat for easy storage in a drawer or trunk of a car. It’s not as stable as a tri-stand of course, but it’s fast and the metal stand has extra room for all kinds of cleats. And fresh, it can be a bit tough, but after a few tries you’ll get it- and a regular old bike pump will never satisfy. Produced in Indianapolis and Italy, this “Porsche of pumps” is available for $199.00 and comes with a big durable travel bag.

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