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Published on April 2nd, 2011 | by Ruth


Comedy? Colin & Brad on DVD, Super in Theaters

There are plenty of movies released these days, and in so many ways. You can stream many, catch some on the plane, watch others on your DVR via premium channels, or just wait for it to come to basic cable or even regular television. But the two standard ways still are the most popular- wait in line and see a film in a theater, or buy the DVD. In this case, as seems to be more and more common, the prices are not that different, and it might even be cheaper to purchase the physical copy. One of today’s films was never in a theater, and the other is probably best seen at home- and though both are ostensibly comedies, one of them gets funnier and funnier while the other starts out hilarious and suddenly shifts to scary and preachy and awkward.

Movies should make you feel- which is why we see today’s wide release film Super as art. The cast draws you in- Liv Tyler, Ellen Page, Kevin Bacon, and the lead Rainn Wilson certainly bring star power. The trailer sets you up for a fairly predictable if enjoyable ride, with a Kickass-like plot arc. But what we didn’t see coming, and is the other essential ingredient in this potent brew, is “Requiem for a Dream”. What feels light and fluffy turns dark… but then keeps on going, until even fans of hardcore Korean violence-o-ramas (Old Boy) and 70s exploitation films will feel a bit queasy. Every manner of craziness ensures, little of it lightened up. Nathan Fillion even shows up, in a fun cameo, but we couldn’t derive much pleasure from these twisted goings-on. As long as you know what you are getting into, it can be an interesting ride, and it makes for a distinctive and certainly unique tale with a surprisingly good cast. Super makes difficult choices, and clearly has something to say… but we can’t recommend it. We came out of this one shellshocked, disturbed, and though it felt bitter going down, the film did make for fun conversation and is memorable to a fault.

For a much easier time, sit down with the new DVD Colin & Brad: Two Man Group. Fans of “Whose Line is It Anyway” will rejoice, as the guys were the strong point of the show, and are at their best in a format like this. Improv is hard, but this pair makes it look easy. And this isn’t a regular stage show- the audience is clearly quite involved in the production. A skit with mousetraps was the highlight, but there are plenty of strong gags. It’s a bit short, at 67 minutes, and could easily have been padded out a bit it seems. But what is included is tight material, with nary a dull moment. Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood might not be the funniest men alive on their own, but given an audience, make great things happen. The DVD offers little in the way of bonus material- just a sort of spoof interview and small featurette on the “Dos and Don’ts of Improv”. The film is not rated, and audio/video quality is par for a live recording, with a decent mix and OK color. But at under $10 for the DVD, it’s a worthwhile buy for less than a price of most movie tickets.

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