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Published on April 20th, 2011 | by Gbemiga


Earloomz: Star Trek Bluetooth Communicators

On hear­ing that Ear­loomz had made a Star Trek Blue­tooth head­set, my sci-fi geek cov­et radar went ping­ing in­to over­drive. On re­ceiv­ing the head­set for re­view the geek side of me went squeeeeee like a lit­tle girl- in my head on­ly, of course. On sit­ting down to write the re­view, I was wor­ried that I might not be able to re­view the head­set ob­jec­tive­ly but my ra­tio­nal side piped up, locked the geek tem­porar­i­ly in the at­tic and said it was noth­ing but a head­set. I doubt you’d want to hear what my geek side is say­ing to the ra­tio­nal side right now.

Ear­loomz, LLC is a com­pa­ny that makes pret­ty sim­i­lar Blue­tooth head­phones with dif­fer­ent de­signs, from sports teams such as Lak­ers and Celtics to celebri­ties like La­dy Gaga, and plen­ty of tele­vi­sion and movie prop­er­ties as well. The com­pa­ny’s mot­to is “where art, fash­ion and tech­nol­o­gy meet”. I don’t know about that but I know they make beau­ti­ful head­sets.

Out of the box, the Ear­loomz Star Trek comes with 2 ear hooks, 4 dif­fer­ent sized ear­buds, a USB charg­ing ca­ble, lan­yard neck­lace, us­er man­u­al and the ev­er-im­por­tant war­ran­ty card. The de­vice is com­pat­i­ble with head­set and hands­free pro­files, and is al­so com­pat­i­ble with game con­soles. It has a voice prompt fea­ture and it can be syn­chro­nized to two dif­fer­ent phones, so you can go be­tween work and busi­ness or share it be­tween a cou­ple.

On fur­ther test­ing we found that the Ear­loomz eas­i­ly con­nect­ed to our de­vices and was good to go once it was charged. The head­set didn’t feel like a nice soft mas­sage on the ear but it didn’t feel like a Vul­can Nerve pinch ei­ther. With its 5 hour talk time, 30-60 minute recharge time and light weight , the Ear­loomz is a de­vice we like and would rec­om­mend es­pe­cial­ly to the fan­boys and girls out there. For those look­ing for a Blue­tooth head­set with style, they of­fer plen­ty of choic­es. For those in need of some­thing more so­phis­ti­cat­ed- noise can­celling, ul­tra-lightweight, or just plain su­per-com­fort­able- we’ve looked at plen­ty of oth­ers out there. For $60 or so, you get what you pay for- a sol­id head­set that you won’t mix up with any­one else. Live long and pros­per read­ers.

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