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Published on October 26th, 2012 | by Greg


Du­ra­cell Pow­er­Mat: 24 Hour iPhone Pow­er So­lu­tion

The promise of in­duc­tion charg­ing is sim­ple: wire­less pow­er. If that sounds crazy, then you haven’t at­tend­ed CES the past few years and seen the growth in the cat­e­go­ry. Grant­ed, we’re still in the in­fant phase, where no ma­jor de­vices have the tech­nol­o­gy built-in, and the range is very, very lim­it­ed. These are still con­tact-based so­lu­tions; it will def­i­nite­ly be a bit be­fore you’re able to draw juice for your bat­ter­ies through the air mag­i­cal­ly. But our pre­dic­tion: it will hap­pen, even­tu­al­ly, since bat­ter­ies are waste­ful, heavy, and in­ef­fi­cient.

One small step on the path: the Du­ra­cell Pow­er­Mat iPhone 4/4S 24 Hour Pow­er Sys­tem. Yes, some of us here have switched to the iPhone 5, and word is that a com­pat­i­ble ver­sion will be com­ing soon (as will a mod­el for the Sam­sung Galaxy S3). This is a small, cute sys­tem, avail­able in black or white (ours was white, prone to show­ing fin­ger­prints a bit more) and each has some classy metal­lic ac­cents. The ba­sic idea: lay it flat on your bed­side table, throw the in­clud­ed case on your phone, and then nev­er have to fum­ble with a plug- just lay your phone on the Pow­er­Mat and let it charge away. We’ve seen sim­i­lar sys­tems- ear­li­er mod­els have been around for a cou­ple of years now- but this is the best con­tender so far. Small enough to be portable, with clean­er de­sign, it’s a sol­id pack­age.

This mod­el comes not on­ly with the re­quired charg­ing pad and iPhone case, but al­so with a fair­ly small and durable back­up bat­tery, for those who find them­selves drained of bat­tery life be­fore the day is done. If your phone is like ours, bat­tery life isn’t quite what it used to be, and we reg­u­lar­ly find our smart­phone down be­low the dan­ger­ous 20% mark by the af­ter­noon. With the back­up bat­tery safe­ly stowed in a purse or pock­et, we can be as­sured of nev­er hav­ing to miss an In­sta­gram mo­ment or text mes­sage or im­por­tant call- as long as we keep the back­up bat­tery charged of course. It can sit next to your phone on the charg­ing pad and both de­vices can get topped up si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly. It’s not quite as fast as plug­ging in to the wall, though, and re­mem­ber that the sys­tem re­quires some align­ment- you can’t just drop the phone or bat­tery any­where, but need to en­sure that there is mag­net­ic con­tact with cer­tain points.

Quick note on the bat­tery- it’s rat­ed at 1850 mAh- pret­ty im­pres­sive for it’s size and weight, and it’s not on­ly for Ap­ple prod­ucts. Much like the my­Charge line, there is al­so a flip-out Mi­cro USB con­nec­tor in ad­di­tion to the Ap­ple 30-pin adapter, which seemed like a nice sur­prise! You may be won­der­ing why- and it’s a fair ques­tion. The an­swer in­volves the cus­tom case.

For any in­duc­tion prod­uct, you’ll have to use a spe­cial case, which is the on­ly ma­jor down­side. These pro­pri­etary cas­es don’t of­fer much pro­tec­tion, and usu­al­ly aren’t near­ly as nice as, say, an Ot­ter­Box. If you like your case- or don’t like hav­ing one- then this will be an awk­ward fit at best. The case in­clud­ed here is de­cent, but noth­ing that you’d choose un­less you had to. What’s un­usu­al about this one is that the 30-pin port on your iPhone 4/4S will be blocked- and in­stead con­vert­ed to a Mi­cro USB slot! It’s pret­ty un­usu­al, and means that you can’t use any of your oth­er Ap­ple-type docks or plugs or adapters.

All in all, it’s a step in the right di­rec­tion for in­duc­tion charg­ing sys­tems. There are still down­sides- un­til man­u­fac­tur­ers start build­ing the tech­nol­o­gy in­to de­vices, you’ll con­tin­ue to need spe­cial cas­es. But it looks bet­ter, and feels nicer, than pre­vi­ous mod­els. Small enough to be portable, the Du­ra­cell Pow­er­Mat 24 Hour Pow­er Sys­tem is avail­able now on­line and in stores for just un­der $100.

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