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Published on November 8th, 2012 | by Kira


View­Son­ic Smart Dis­play: Great Touch­screen, But Size Isn’t Ev­ery­thing

Do you ev­er get an­noyed by how small your phone’s screen is? How about your iPad or An­droid tablet? Is big­ger al­ways bet­ter? We’re not sure that there is one sin­gle cor­rect an­swer to the ques­tion, but per­haps it’s not on­ly the size that mat­ters.

To­day, we’ve been play­ing with the a gad­get that we first got wind of a few months ago. The idea seemed sound: a mon­i­tor with a touch­screen that had a built-in com­put­er, us­ing An­droid 4.0 (Ice Cream Sand­wich). Let us in­tro­duce you to the View­Son­ic VS­D220, which is es­sen­tial­ly a large (18.8 inch­es by 10.6 inch­es screen) all-in-one stand-alone tablet. If you are a gad­get head who likes to test out all the new toys as they come out you will not want to pass this one up, but we do un­der­stand those who find them­selves ask­ing the ques­tion of ex­act­ly who needs some­thing like this. Af­ter all, it’s the size of a large desk­top mon­i­tor, meant to be sta­tion­ary since it does not come with a bat­tery. Even the pow­er cord is rather short.

The sys­tem is like any tablet, app based, with a store. And most of the ex­pect­ed ba­sics are there- a sol­id web brows­er in Chrome, a doc­u­ment ed­i­tor that can han­dle Word files, and a very ba­sic movie ed­i­tor- com­bine to make it feel like a lit­tle more like a nor­mal com­put­er. In ad­di­tion, the View­Son­ic has USB slots and Blue­tooth if you de­cide you want to con­nect a key­board and mouse, or ex­ter­nal stor­age. You’re not get­ting much built-in stor­age, but can add ad­di­tion­al quite sim­ply. The touch key­board is siz­able and very easy to use, just not great for longer in­put work since the VS­D220 sits up­right on the in­clud­ed stand. It was easy to use, but we wouldn’t want to com­pose doc­u­ments with our wrists in the air.

The screen is set­up very sim­i­lar to oth­er An­droid de­vices, with screens you can or­ga­nize and swipe through. Any app you can down­load for your An­droid you can down­load for your View­Son­ic. This means you can have the biggest most epic game of An­gry Birds ev­er! We did, how­ev­er, find that the down­load­ing and up­load­ing was a lit­tle slow.

It comes with a 720p cam­era/we­b­cam, which let’s you record video, pic­tures, or com­mu­ni­cate with oth­ers. You can see the video record­ed be­low, and lis­ten to our opin­ion of the we­b­cam here.

Like the we­b­cam, I found the crisp­ness and bright­ness of the dis­play rather poor. Com­par­ing with Reti­na dis­plays is un­fair, but even against oth­er nor­mal mon­i­tors at 1920 x 1080, we found text in­dis­tinct and videos less than sharp, and a lit­tle jit­tery. The pro­ces­sor run­ning ev­ery­thing be­hind the scenes is on­ly a du­al-core ARM Cor­tex-A9 1GHz, slow­er than most new­er smart­phones, and def­i­nite­ly a bit slug­gish, and the sin­gle gi­gag­byte of in­clud­ed RAM can’t help. It’s an in­ter­est­ing pack­age for the price- a de­cent mon­i­tor and pret­ty re­spon­sive touch­screen built around some so-so hard­ware in­ter­nals and a slight­ly old­er ver­sion of An­droid (no up­dates to 4.1 Jel­ly Bean are avail­able).

For a kitchen, it’s great to look up recipes on- but a tablet is still of­ten a bet­ter op­tion. For gamers, it’s hard to use, con­sid­er­ing the stand­ing screen. Pho­tog­ra­phers might find it tempt­ing, since it can dis­play pho­tos nice­ly, but we weren’t thrilled by the sharp­ness or clar­i­ty of the screen. Those look­ing for com­mer­cial or re­tail in­ter­ac­tive sig­nage might be in luck- we can see this be­ing great for ser­vice providers with wait­ing rooms. Avail­able now on­line and in stores for just un­der $400, View­Son­ic has come up with an in­ter­est­ing first gen­er­a­tion of a new cat­e­go­ry.

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