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Dynamic Headsets From beyerdynamic

Beyerdynamic is a well-respected audio equipment manufacturer that produces high quality microphones, headphones, conference systems, aviation headsets and wireless audio systems. Their products have been used by the Beatles, Prince, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, ABBA and a host of other artists, and we’ve also used them ourselves in several settings. Perhaps their best known products are those at the very high end of the personal audio spectrum, with options including some excellent amps and a headtracking system. The T1s are some of the sexiest pieces of gear we’ve sampled, but they also are priced at $1300. If you don’t have that much dough yearning to be put to a good use, and you don’t want to aim for wireless Bluetooth ones like those we’ve recently been testing, then perhaps you’ll want something from Beyerdynamic’s new line.

They’ve expanded their offerings to include gaming headsets and personal headsets- the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 and Beyerdynamic DTX 300 p. We’ll start with the MMX, which is actually based on an aviation headset. This already speaks volumes (no pun intended) about its pedigree. On using it we found that it came with a flexible headband while playing for hours is quite comfortable. The earpads were also soft and comfortable. Included are both USB and analog connections, as well as a mute button for the condenser microphone.

We liked that the volume control is on the USB box, thus easily accessible, and the headset is compatible with Windows or Mac computers of most any recent operating system. We’ve seen better USB boxes, but this one is small and simple. Gamers can rejoice though: this is a headset meant for lengthy sessions, and we tried it out using TeamSpeak 2 and built-in voicechat through a few other games and kept it on for six hours straight. Our teammates appreciated the excellent microphone, which was quite adjustable. And we give the system high marks for spatial sound, as we were easily able to identify the locations of enemies. It isn’t the right choice for serious music listening though- an audiophile might not appreciate the tangle-free cord, closed design for sealing against noise, and comfort that are the focus here. Those with a more balanced use case might consider the B&W P5s, or one of beyerdynamic’s many other sets.

To be sure, there is plenty of bass, excellent balance, and volume to spare- this might be our new favorite gaming headset, and only a couple of others even can compete. Some may offer wireless, but suffer from that- serious gamers can notice the lag and lack of oomph.

The MMX 300 comes with an outstanding five year parts and labor warranty in the US. You’ll end up shelling out more than most others- about $350 available widely online. However, you’re getting a top-of-the-line headset from a company known for quality and durability. This is one of the rare pieces of gaming equipment that you might very well be able to treat like a heirloom.

The DTX 300 ps, on the other hand, are interesting expansion for the firm- these are small, light, and inexpensive but still manage to be solidly built and offer pretty surprising sound. We didn’t love the folding mechanism as much as some others, but these are a great little companion to an MP3 player or smartphone and can be comfortably worn for long periods of time. They comes with a carrying case, as do the MMX 300s, but in both cases they feel a little unnecessary. These look and feel a bit old-school, and are available in white/grey and red/black.

Earbuds have advantages- smaller and easier to put into a pocket, they do however tend to get tangled up and also lack the space for more serious drivers. Fit can be a problem- when bad, sound isolation is poor. Thus, an over-the-ear solution is just the ticket for some folks- and the DTX 300 ps sounds amazing and clear even in noisy environments. The sound produced is powerful, rich and detailed but it is also restricted by its size. The bass is good but not quite deep but it is great for most tracks and perfect in the midrange. Hip-hop and electronic music sound a little tinny, but better than most earbuds to be sure. Great for their size, they are an immediate winner in a range where there aren’t many new, good contenders- the sub-$100, wired, over-ear headphone. The DTX 300s can be found online for $59.99.

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