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Published on August 11th, 2011 | by Ruth


Roof-top Grilling With Domaine Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon

American summers make us think of backyard BBQs, laughing in the sun with friends, running through sprinklers, and meat and potatoes on the grill. Here in San Francisco, we miss out on most of the sun, sprinklers and backyards in summer (too much fog, not enough space), but we created our own urban version of outdoor grilling on a roofdeck in the Mission. We upgraded the meat from burgers to New York Strip steak and grilled it with an assortment of veggies. To go with the big tastes of the meal, we chose the 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon from Domaine Sonoma.

We hauled our Bodum glasses up to the roof- who says a grill can’t be classy? The wine’s deep violet color looked lovely in sun. The first sip impressions- white pepper mellowing to smooth, finishing spicy again. There’s a nose of berry, but unlike some cabs, it’s subtle- no face-punching with fruit. It held it’s own, though, with the meat. As we ate, we picked up slight hints of tobacco. Speculation arose on the price point of the bottle (whenever possible we like to taste price-blind). Frankly, we all agreed that it tasted expensive- perhaps $45. It’s the type of wine you’d bring to dinner with friends you’d like to impress. We were surprised to discover it’s actually at a much lower price-point- around $18 a bottle. Unsurprisingly, it has won several awards- California State Fair Bronze, Beverage Tasting Institute Gold and Tasters Guild Gold. They declare “Lots of character here- great wine making at an unbelievable price.” We found it a perfect accompaniment to great food.

On the food front, we were rather proud. There’s something to be said for cooking meat at extremely high temperatures. Our vegetable selection also turned out well. We went with some classics- potatoes, of course. The multi-colored fingerling potatoes were adorable on bamboo kabob skewers. We also grilled red and yellow bell peppers, onions and garlic. Just to try something different, we also cooked oca. They look like misshapen potatoes- people who saw them on our table compared them to pine cones and to (less appetizingly) larva. Grilled, they were delicious- like a yam in consistency, but a bit nutty- more like a parsnip than a potato. We’ll definitely play more with them in the future.

Look for more eating outdoors articles from us- we love summer, and are now armed with a propane heater. Take that, San Francisco fog! Also, we definitely think you should try out the Domaine Sonoma Cabernet- we’re looking forward to trying their other varietals.

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