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Published on December 15th, 2010 | by Greg


Sleek Audio’s SA1s Good Wired, Great Wireless

There is no short­age of head­phones on the mar­ket and we have had our pre­ferred picks as well as ones we would choose to leave be­hind on a sub­way seat. Sleek Au­dio has pre­vi­ous­ly com­mand­ed our at­ten­tion at CES, and we’ve re­cent­ly been lis­ten­ing to the Sleek Au­dio SA1 High-Fi­deli­ty Siam Rose­wood Ear­phones.

The most read­i­ly ap­par­ent as­pect of these par­tic­u­lar head­phones is that they do not look cheap- there is no lack­lus­ter plas­tic in a bright, neon col­or, and the qual­i­ty of man­u­fac­tur­ing is ob­vi­ous. Re­al wood (Siam rose­wood) and met­al com­plete the look that says that you are an adult and not a tween. We’ve seen oth­ers in this class- Mon­ster’s Tur­bine Pro Golds, for in­stance al­so wooed us with their good looks, and our most re­cent­ly re­viewed pair lack looks but make it up with sound.

In­deed, looks can be de­ceiv­ing. But, to our re­lief, for un­der a hun­dred dol­lars, the SA1 pro­vid­ed us with an ul­ti­mate lis­ten­ing ex­pe­ri­ence wor­thy of a more ex­pen­sive ear­phone. In fact, when paired with the wire­less mod­ule which we’ll dis­cuss short­ly, these are some of the best wire­less per­son­al au­dio gear that we’ve tried. Ac­cord­ing to the Sleek De­sign web­site, dam­aged ca­bles are the num­ber one re­pair prob­lem among in-ear mon­i­tors. Sleek Au­dio’s patent­ed in­ter­change­able ca­ble de­sign al­lows you to re­place the ca­ble and a one year war­ran­ty is in­clud­ed.

The SA1 ear­phones are equipped with the Vari­able Equal­iza­tion Sys­tem (VQ) which is fea­tured on an­oth­er of Sleek De­signs ear­phones, the SA6 (though they work a bit dif­fer­ent­ly). We were able to tune the ear­phones with two tre­ble port op­tions that work mere­ly by screw­ing in­to the ear­phone. We could ad­just the fre­quen­cy re­sponse so it was fine tuned to our lis­ten­ing pref­er­ences in each of our ear­phones- in­de­pen­dent­ly if we wished, and change­able based on what we were lis­ten­ing to. The 6 mm driv­er in the ear­phones is small­er than some, but meant that it fit more eas­i­ly in small­er ear canals, and that bass wasn’t over­pow­er­ing (over­all, we found it a bit un­der­pow­ered com­pared to some, warmer and less jar­ring).

Prob­a­bly the best part about the ear­phones was the de­tach­able ca­ble and W-1 Wire­less Hy­brid Sys­tem that al­lows you to choose whether or not to go wire­less- es­pe­cial­ly since the ca­bles them­selves were the weak­est link here, fair­ly in­ex­pen­sive-feel­ing and not cloth-wrapped. The CD qual­i­ty 16-bit wire­less sys­tem from Kleer is a nifty ad­di­tion that el­e­vates these above many oth­er sim­i­lar­ly-priced sib­ling- it will set you back a bit of ex­tra dough, and means that you’ll have to wor­ry about bat­ter­ies though. The Wire­less mod­ule of­fers 60 feet of range, 10 or so hours of bat­tery life, and is loss­less- mean­ing that au­dio­philes can ap­pre­ci­ate their FLAC files with­out any of the dis­tor­tion from lousy com­pres­sion. Non-au­dio­phile lis­ten­ers might find the wire­less mod­ule a bit heavy, but for those who find Blue­tooth mu­sic flat or ar­ti­fi­cial, this is a great way to go. One nifty ad­di­tion is that mul­ti­ple peo­ple can lis­ten to one stream- we didn’t get a chance to test it, but up to four lis­ten­ers can tune in to a sin­gle source.

Sleek Au­dio men­tioned on their web­site that in­ter­change­able, col­ored ca­bles were com­ing avail­able in 2010. With 2010 run­ning out of days, we will see what the New Year brings. One of our biggest frus­tra­tions that have be­come abun­dant­ly clear with many ear­phones is the ear tips. As some­one with rel­a­tive­ly small ears it is dif­fi­cult to find a com­fort­able fit that doesn’t fall out of my ear. Six pairs are in­clud­ed and we found the per­fect size and fit. This was mu­sic to our ears.

We were able to find them on­line from Ama­zon for $80 as well as the wire­less mod­ule for $110 though we must note that they were out of stock of the head­phones at press time.

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