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Published on December 7th, 2011 | by Ruth


Spy Cam Fantasies Realized With Looxcie

As chil­dren many of our staff cher­ished the dream of be­com­ing a spy. As a vo­ca­tion, it seems pret­ty awe­some- run around fan­tas­ti­cal­ly dressed, com­plete phys­i­cal­ly amaz­ing feats while bare­ly break­ing a sweat (or if you do sweat, it just makes you gleam in a sexy way). Not to men­tion the gad­gets… cars with ejec­tion seats that will drive them­selves, poi­soned lip­stick, wear­able se­cret cam­eras… We have yet to get ac­cess to a tricked-out As­ton Mar­tin, and the law might catch up to us if we tried for the lip­stick, but a tiny wear­able cam­era is fi­nal­ly a vi­able op­tion, thanks to the Loox­cie. 

There are two ver­sions of the Loox­cie cur­rent­ly on the mar­ket. We tried out the Loox­cie 1 (cur­rent­ly re­tail­ing at $120 on Ama­zon). Though not com­plete­ly in­vis­i­ble to the naked eye, as our child­hood dreams would re­quire, it’s fair­ly un­ob­tru­sive as it hooks around the ear. The con­sen­sus is that it looks like a Blue­tooth phone head­set (it can al­so be used as one). That doesn’t make it ex­act­ly the height of cool to be wear­ing all of the time, but it’s far less ob­nox­ious than it could be. The Loox­cie 1 is white and round­ed, while the Loox­cie 2 (MSRP $180-200) is black with more squared edges.

Over the ear the weight isn’t very no­tice­able, but it did take a bit of wig­gling to ad­just it in­to po­si­tion. Once it’s on, it takes some ex­per­i­men­ta­tion to fig­ure out where the im­age frame is. It paired eas­i­ly with our iPhone, but footage was as shaky as you’d ex­pect. We chat­ted with a rep­re­sen­ta­tive from the com­pa­ny, who as­sured us that im­age sta­bi­liza­tion is bet­ter in the sec­ond ver­sion. The Loox­cie 1 and the less ex­pen­sive ver­sion of the Loox­cie 2 have five hours of video stor­age, with a ten-hour ver­sion avail­able for the Loox­cie 2. The iPhone app in­ter­face was de­cent. Our video pre­view was pret­ty dis­joint­ed, but the fi­nal video is pret­ty smooth. It’s al­so com­pat­i­ble with the iPad or, if you’re not an Ap­ple per­son, the An­droid smart­phone or tablet.

It works sur­pris­ing­ly well in low-light, thought the im­age qual­i­ty can be grainy. The sound qual­i­ty is great. Though you should prob­a­bly not plan on shoot­ing your in­de­pen­dent film fes­ti­val sub­mis­sion with the Loox­cie, it’s a great way ac­tu­al­ize the child­hood spy-dreams for the per­son on your gift list who is hard to shop for. It’s al­so a great self-gift, to catch some of the spe­cial mo­ments un­der the tree while still get­ting to par­tic­i­pate. We think it would be worth it to pony up the ex­tra cash for the Loox­cie 2. All ver­sions of the Loox­cie are light and portable, so you can keep it on and at the ready, or stow it in a purse or murse for the more fash­ion-con­scious. Who knows when the chance in­ter­ac­tion with a stranger in the book­store will turn in­to a chance for es­pi­onage? With the Loox­cie, you’ll be ready.

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