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Published on February 7th, 2013 | by Kira


Jacob Taylor Brand: A Colorful Start to Fashion Week

The launch of Fashion Week is nearly upon us: February 7th-14th. Fashion Week to me is all about late parties, schmoozing, beautiful people, and great clothing. I love a good fashion party partially because the models are only a few of the pretty people dressed to the nines.

While Fashion Week claims to be a week, it can often extend to two or three, with the newer designers doing their shows before and after the official celebrations. These are great times for newer talents to still get their brand out there. Speaking of which, I think the Jacob Taylor Brand made the right decision to hold their launch this past Sunday.

The Jacob Taylor Brand, despite its name, is actually two young women. One has roots in celebrity styling, and  has been in the fashion industry since 16. Both women are now in their 20s and very excited to be creating ready-to-wear pieces themselves.

Like most designers, the designers were some of the better dressed fashionistas in the room and had fun energetic personalities, which were reflected in their line. They have a small but bold collection, with bright colors and exotic patterns. The clothing is very sexy, skin tight, with showing through.

I could see their pieces being rocked out at any New York City club and on the pages of some of the funkier magazines, like Zink. Starting a new line isn’t easy, but this is one fashion photographer looking forward to seeing more from the Jacob Taylor Brand.

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