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Published on April 19th, 2013 | by Celina


Fun, Flirty and Feminine: Emilio Cavallini Hosiery

When it comes to high-end hosiery, you’ll find a seemingly endless sea of black. Silky smooth and perfectly matte, those black tights come with a hefty price tag so they better match everything in your wardrobe. Built to last years and to make you feel both sexy and sophisticated, those nylons are an investment piece. But gone are the days of matte black legs: this season we’re seeing hosiery as a statement piece.

If you’re looking for high-end hosiery that still oozes spunk and fun, Emilio Cavallini is an ideal place to start. Manufactured in the Italian town of San Miniato since 1970, Cavallini’s tights, textured knee socks, and patterned socks are not your grandmother’s hosiery. These are fun, flirty, and still feminine: featuring prints like oversize polka dots, floral lace, stars, and colorful stripes. These stylish microfiber tights are built to last, having been woven carefully on the highly automated machines that the company has perfected over their 40 years in the hose business.

While there remains the fear of splinted table legs, boot buckles and your own nails, these tights held up remarkably well throughout a work day. Woven from a blend that consists 90% of Polyamide and 10% of Elastane, the 3 pairs of tights we tried were still wearable by the end of week one. The Tattoo Sheer Tights with Floral Pattern in marine were delicate but beautifully crafted. With the help of a well-fitting pair of pumps, these tights transformed my simple black dress into an unbelievably comfortable ensemble for the evening. The sheer quality of the tights did mean that they snagged around the ankle but the incorporated floral lace helped to hide those subtle runs. Available online and in stores for $25.50.

The Circle Lace Tights, available in marine, gemstone, linen and black, feature geometric circles and were much more resistant to snags due to their open and concealing weave. Available for $23.25, these were a great investment piece that paired well with any solid garment. Wear them with a denim short or flouncy skirt to give the illusion of mile long legs. The Blue Stars All Over Sheer Tight in lemonade and marine was a fun and adolescent option that we decided to try out. While these were exactly as pictured, the uniform star pattern was a bit difficult to wear with anything but the most basic ensemble, making it a very limited piece. At $20.25, they were the least expensive of the tights we tried but also the most disappointing.

Cavallini’s thought is to transition from hoisery as a simple intimate garment to the creation of an accessory that complements and redefines an outfit. By introducing a line of cute socks to the collection, Cavallini allows women to bring edge to a simple outfit throughout the spring season. With the same abundance of cutesy prints and a subtle ruffle at the ankle, these are a great addition to any pair of understated pumps. Our favorite were the Colored Flowers Ankle Sock in marine that featured a scrolling paisly in pink and orange on the sheer blue sock. Available at $13.20 in a number of additional colors, you can be the first of your friends to explore the use of hosiery as a way to spruce up your summer wardrobe. The Openwork Diamond Ankle Sock, available in gemstone, linen and black, is a delicate but simple alternative at $15.

Emlio Cavallini’s effort to upgrade the category of hosiery from a staple for winter to joining our spring and summer wardrobe has been a rewarding one. These fashion tights were a pleasure to wear and complimented many of my outfits. Although many people throw their tights and socks in with the rest of their laundry, I would advise against it with these fine ones. Since they dry quickly and don’t get too dirty in one wear, I decided to avoid the dryer with them and just line dry after a gentle spin in the washing machine.

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