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Sightseers: Show Me Your World

Combine Natural Born Killers and British hick caravan sightseers and you get pure awesome! If you love dark, British humor then Sightseers is for you.

Tina is a 34 year old woman child, still living with her narcotic over controlling mother and still sleeping in her childhood bed down to the stuffed bears. Around a year ago her mother’s puppy was impaled on her knitting nettles and her mother will never forgive her. Nondescript Chris maybe Tina’s first boyfriend, ever, and she is eager to please. Tina’s mother hates him. Why? Maybe because he symbolizes change, perhaps of his annoying red hipster beard, possibly it is because he is taking her daughter on a trip around the country side in his camper, or it could be that she can some how tell that he is a serial killer.

This is a story about Tina, and how she grows as a person now that she is finally out of her mother’s clutches. We observe what she is willing to sacrifice and how she learns to cope with the changes of jealousy, theft, and brutal murder. Tina comes off as a very jejune individual only to grow with the increasing excitement of all Chris has to show her. Will Chris love her more if she is more like him? What really arouses this seemingly humdrum couple? I think it is more than the pencil museum.

Our rube Bonnie and Clyde make us think, love them, feel for them, laugh with them, while all at the same time turn our stomachs and make us fear their lack of empathy. This official selection for Sundance, Cannes, and Toronto International Film Festival, Sightseers won seven awards at the most recent BIFAs. If you get a chacne, director Ben Wheatley has made a must see flick, especially for anyone who loved Natural Born Killers as much as I did! IFC Films will release “Sightseers” in New York and Los Angeles on May 10th.

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