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Published on May 30th, 2013 | by Greg


Yonex VCore Xi 100: Liven Up The Court

May is actually National Tennis Month here in the United States, and as we get ready to turn another page on the calendar, we’ve also been getting a bit more exercise on and off the court in preparation for summer. We’ve recently checked out two other racquets, and today we’ve got the last in the trio. Note that we do use both spellings of the word racket interchangeably here, so don’t yell at us.

The Yonex VCore Xi 100 is the choice of Caroline Wozniacki, and a pretty interesting weapon of choice. One of the first things that you’ll notice is the unusual head shape, which they call isometric, and it offers a larger sweet spot without making the racquet uncomfortably large. The basic trade-off is that a larger size and surface area is more forgiving, but harder to control precisely. As you might be able to tell from the name, this one offers 100 square inches of space, which is about perfect for intermediate and advanced players. Beginners might want to find something a little larger.

They claim that this model offers quick response and extra stability, so we put those things to the test in a few sets at a couple of local outdoor courts. What we didn’t expect was the precision the VCore Xi 100 was capable of from the baseline- offering plenty of spin possibilities as well for aggressive players. We’d rate it only fair on service- this isn’t the most powerful model that we’ve seen, and the Prince EXO3 Warrior was better in this area, though similar in general feel. In terms of spin, if you’re the sort who favors surprising angles and deceptive shots, then the recently-reviewed Wilson Steam 105S is a great choice.

But if you take a fairly all-around approach, and want a slightly head-light balance, then this Yonex might just be the one for you. We liked the feel of play a lot- it was responsive, speedy, and we were able to pick it up quickly without quite the learning curve of the other two mentioned above. We didn’t like the sound as much- the strings twang a bit metallic and hits felt a bit harder on the wrist than some racquets. The perky Vcore Xi 100 encourages a quick pace but is still flexible enough to accommodate more deliberate baseline play and add some decent spin, especially topsin. A little light for guys who might be coming from heavier models, this is the favorite among the women on staff, and a great pickup-and-play racquet with plenty to like. Available now, online and in stores, for around $189.

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