TrulyNet and our affiliates operate as news media, and take our responsibilities seriously. The FTC has asked all news organizations to comply with regulations requiring disclosures.

TrulyNet and our network of sites regularly receive review copies, samples, materials, discounts, tickets, and products. Almost all items or services reviewed are done so at the courtesy of the manufacturer, event, promoter, artist, designer, or distributor. Products sent are generally not returned, and are typically kept for future testing against other products as well as for long-term examination. Writers, editors, and staff will always disclose any conflicts of interest, and are prohibited from seeking or receiving any additional benefits due to their work on any specific story.

We promise:

  • Sponsored posts will always be clearly labeled.
  • Reviews are independent. Manufacturers and PR companies are always welcome to submit comments and offer feedback. On occasion, we will incorporate corrections into the main body of an article. If adjustments are minor, such as a price update or proofing correction, posts will simply be edited. Otherwise, we will endeavor to clearly label any updates or changes.
  • We’ll make every effort to be accurate, fair, and thorough. We’ve reviewed plenty of movies, books, and gadgets that we disliked- and we won’t hesitate to say so.

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