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Published on July 3rd, 2012 | by Kira


D-Link MovieNite: From the Comfort of Your Own Couch

Want to sit back on your comfy couch and enjoy your favorite internet bad boys on your big screen TV? We thought you did! Why watch movies and shows on your computer when your home TV is better set up for your viewing pleasure? What you need is a streaming media player.

We got our hands on the D-Link MovieNite DSM-310 for just this purpose. We found it a quick set up, but you should be warned it does not come with a HDMI cord (we luckily had a few lying around). Our TV is pretty new, but like most competitors, MovieNite is compatible with most modern televisions. The other big positive is that unlike some, it can offer you the full 1080p HD experience. Do keep in mind, you can only get the full experience of this if your internet is fast enough to handle it and the video you are watching is encoded to take advantage of it. Like many similar home media players, the hardware looks pretty good and can use either ethernet or wireless 802.11n (highly recommended over 802.11g for best performance).

Now, what does the D-Link MovieNite stream? You have access to any D-Link cameras you might have around the house, but the main reason why you got this streaming media viewer is for the Vudu HD Movies, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, and Picasa. As a big huluPlus user, I was a little disappointed to not see this one listed. If you decide to go with the newer version of the D-Link MovieNite: MoveieNite Plus DSN-312, you will have access to huluPlus and over 130 other apps and channels. As a photographer, I was pretty excited that we had Picasa available to us. This means I can easily show off my portfolio to clients, friends, and family on my big screen TV. Of course, you need to have accounts with all these services to be able to use them, and many of them require additional money, but that is to be expected. We found the interface very self-explanatory, and liked the keyboard that D-Link uses as much as one can like an onscreen keyboard. The keyboard is in alphabetical order, and after you click a letter it offers you some predictive suggestions, reducing your hunting and pecking.

Finally, the MovieNite comes with a pretty basic remote control, but has a few nice features. It has a central home key that will quickly return you to your different channels and apps, and four quick link buttons, one for Vudu, Nextfix, Pandora, and Youtube. This makes jumping around much faster. Overall, for $50 you get a lot for what you pay for, but we might suggest paying the extra $30 for the newer version of the MovieNite ($80) and get the additional apps and channel options.

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